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Funded Trials

  • Intermediate to High Grade T-Cell Lymphoma: Funded study enrolling cases in a nationwide clinical trial to evaluate a monoclonal antibody (AT-005) that is conditionally licensed by the USDA to aid in the treatment of dogs with lymphoma. The study is designed to assess the benefit of adding AT-005 toa chemotherapy protocol for dogs with intermediate to high grade T-cell lymphoma. The pet owner will be financially responsible for the initial consultation, blood and urine analysis, and thoracic radiographs. A lymph node biopsy and flow cytometry analysis will be performed at no cost to the owner. Once the dog is confirmed eligible (non-indolent, T-cell lymphoma), rechecks and treatment will be fully funded.

Partially Funded and Other Trials

  • OSA in Greyhounds::  In conjunction with the Greyhound Health and Wellness Program at The Ohio State University, aims to determine if there is a genetic correlation among retired racing greyhounds that develop OSA. Five doses of chemotherapy agent provided free of charge to qualified greyhounds in exchange for a small blood sample.

(Prior to acceptance into any trial, all candidates are required to have a consultation to determine eligibility. The fee for the consultation is the responsibility of the pet owner.)

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